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Our Services

Free Extra Driver

We offer up to 2 drivers free of charge.

Pickup / Dropoff

You can pickup and dropoff your car anywhere you want free of charge (small fees apply for distances > 10km)

Baggage Transfer

We transfer your baggage from your preferred location to our offices and then help you settle your baggages on your car in case it is required.

Kyparissia map on phone screen


Try our online reservation system and find your preferred car or van for your vacation in Kyparissia, Greece. By using our online services you get:

  • Automated discounts
  • Free transfer for locations up to 10km away
  • Fast booking
  • No credit card required

It is very simple:

  • Choose your dates and time
  • Choose delivery location
  • Select your vehicle
  • Choose any of our optional services if you need one
  • Provide you personal information
  • Decide if you want to pay via deposit, card or paypal
  • Once completed you will receive via email all your booking details

1-3 days rentals

up to -10% discount

4-7 days rentals

up to -30% discount

>7 days rentals

up to -43% discount

-43%discount on online car bookings

Discount varies depending on the rental duration and type of vehicle.

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